1. Get Social

Getting an online presence is a key to a successful freelancing career. You might be the best in the job market yet struggling to land the first contract because none is aware of you.

It’s highly important to create brand awareness both on social media and physical networking. There are over dozens of social media platforms you could leverage to achieve this.

LinkedIn, Twitter, and Dribble. Nonetheless, you are welcome to explore all other available options to find the platform that best works for you.

2. Have a strong portfolio

Actions speak louder than words. Verbally convincing a client of developing an e-commerce website wouldn’t be perfectly acceptable as compared to showing a URL of a sample site.

A portfolio shows passion for the work. The sacrifices were made without any pressure and supervision. This creates trust for the clients as to who he is dealing with and what he can gain by hiring you.

GitHub pagesWix, and 000Webhost are some of the free hosting providers for hosting a portfolio.

3. Use a catchy tagline

If your name happens to be the brand URL, inculcate a unique but less abstract tagline: web dude is a catchy tagline. Not at all cost tagline should match the brand URL.

The idea is to give a positive first impression to customers which has the tendency to bring them for project negotiations.

4. Let the brand mimic the website

Obviously, a web designer/developer, for example, cannot have a website logo like animals grassing or birds on trees. It sends a wrong impression and loss of hope from potential clients having the feeling you barely know what you are about.

Be creative. Let there be a flow with brand name and website design and assets.

5. Get your bio right

The biography presents a chance to woe visitors. Desist from storytelling and get to the point. Present key skills and accomplishments achieved. What motivates you and the quest to keep updating with new tools and trends.

Use persuasive language, encouragement, and above all, a tone of confidence to write the short but concise biography on the ‘about’ page.