The flexibility, autonomy, independence and great potentials are core driving factors for employees seeking to switch from traditional mundance work environment toppled with agrresive managers who barley care about the well being of staffers.

The call for work independence comes with repercussions which must be handle and approached with zero tolerance without sacrificing confidnce.    

You are about to know the ins and out of freelancing and how to survive in the emerging market.

What is freelancing

An independent contractor or freelancer is a self employed individual who does not need or take command from authority in line of executing his or her job coupled with the ability to set working hour range in his best interest.

A freelancer work can range from web development, transcription, designing, counselling, law, photography among many others.

The individual contractor (freelancer) work in respect to his professional jurisdiction. A freelancer can work with multiple clients on divers projects provided he is capable and possess the required skills to excel in such contracts.

Areas of Freelancing

The gig economy of freelancing have expanded and covered diverse sectors thereby bringing in millions of jobs to skilled personals.

We dive into the various fields and take a look of jobs within each domain and the opportunities they bring forth.

Mobile apps development

In the fast growing digital world, the desire for businesses, institutions, religious bodies, organizations as well as individuals and celebraties to bring closer to the public, their products, business, ideas and seeking funds raise the bar of app development.

This intense demand for all to go digital in the hands of the end user put much work load on self contractors which is propotional to the pay been received for good job don.

Some key areas that fetch good sum of money in app development:

  • Mobile games
  • Native applications
  • Web apps
  • Hybride apps development

Graphics design

Co-operate branding speaks volumes for clients and investors. Many of the companies resort to freelance designers for professional branding:

  • Logo design
  • Business flayers
  • Print design
  • Illustrators
  • Packaging designs
  • Art director
  • Magazines and news papers
  • Layout artist


Freelance photographers provide services for weedings, concerts and a whole lot. Notably within this niche is:

  • Photojournalist
  • Photo editors
  • Personality photographer
  • Fashion photographer
  • Real estate photographer


Noted as the original freelance gig by some, is now a fully blown gig in the industry. Related jobs can be:

  • Technical writers
  • Guest writers
  • Proof reading
  • Cheif editor
  • Translation and transcription

Web design and development

Latetly within the remote world and traditional workspace, salaries keep doubling due to the demand of qualified coders for the role of web development. Related roles as a developer or designer:

  • User interface (UI) designer
  • User interface (UI) developer
  • User experiance (UX)
  • Backend developer
  • Frontend development
  • Full stack developer
  • Mobile applications

The gig economy is open. With the right attitude and skill set, you could possible change the narratives with lucrative gigs from clients.