20 remote job websites

Remote working is on the rise with lot of companies migrating from traditional workspace to fully remote working. Greate opportunity for developers and engineers to explore. 

Without order of priority, below websites can aid your search in finding contract or permanent work.

1. We Work Remotely

With over 2M monthly visitors, we work remotely is the world largest community for remote developers.

Jobs ranges from programming, design, accounting, health, art and commerce. Join we work remotely and start your freelance journey.

2. Remote Work Hub

Find permanent or remote jobs with employers worldwide. Some notable job postings from cross-over, appen, tutuka, flippa, greenback and many large organizations.

3. Angular Jobs

Getting jobs tailored to a particular niche is always helpful when you have a unique skill and want to focus on it.

Angular jobs is a job board mainly targeting angular developers, react and vue developers as well. Of course, these are high paying jobs and you might want to look at it if you have any of the above skills.

Nevertheless, you can be a master of angular, react, vue, web developer, android and IOS developer or full stack developer within the shortest period of time by learning from the industry experts.

4. Guru

With Guru, employers and freelancers are able to connect and work smoothly. You can register and post your job as an employer or you can search for jobs as a freelancer.

So far Guru have successfully paid $250,000,000 to Guru freelancers with 1,000,000 jobs completed by Gurus. Job categories; programming, finance, arts and design, writers and translators, lawyers and many others.

5. Salt Digital Recruitment

Salt digital recruitment connect talents with best companies around the world.

Find jobs in technology, marketing and creative industry.

6. Freelancer 

One of the massive work place for freelancers. Here jobs are posted and you bid for alongside other workers. Do not be scared of this competition because lot of jobs are posted daily and some repeatedly posted in search of the right talent.

7. Fiver

Works as freelancer but here, you outline your skills and create a gig. Then instead of you biding for jobs, buyers now bid in for you through your gig.

Whilst creating a gig you indicate the pricing and what you can offer within a certain time frame, what you have been able to do in the past if it is available. It is highly rewarding if done right. Learn the skills of marketing.

8. X-Team

A top class remote developers site. Unlike the others, with X-Team you apply and the application is reviewed to meet their requirement. Upon it success you are admitted onto X-Team and the pool of opportunities open from there.

Equip yourself with the necessary skills before applying to prevent rejection.

9. Toptal

Toptal is a pool of top freelance developers, marketers, engineers, lawyers, accountants, mobile app developers, designers and project managers across the globe.

Only the top 3% of good freelancers are accepted in toptal and as such, application process is quite tough but worth sacrificing for. Upon successful application, you are booked for one-on-one video video interview which determine the next steps of the application process.

10. Upwork

Worked as freelancer but unlike freelancer, you need to be verified before the chance can be granted. A secured way of joining Upwork is to have relevant work experience with industry needed work skills.

Due to the verification process, all freelancers easily get jobs to work on and they are well paid.

11. Smashing Magazine

Designers and developers find useful jobs and easily get connected to companies. You also get the chance to read e-books which further enhance your knowledge on the job field.

Smashing Magazine get jobs across all board and mostly are well paid with lot of incentives from recruiting companies.

12. WordPress Jobs

Are you a WordPress developer, PHP, WooCommerce or a full stack developer. Find from WordPress Jobs great opportunities to work with. Here there are remote and on-sight jobs posted on daily basics.

Keep checking on it to land your first remote or on-sight job.

13. Sologig

Find engineering and I.T jobs on Sologig. Jobs are available for entry level, intermediate and advance developers. Search for jobs or sign up and post your resume for recruiters. Chances are some definitely will need your service and give you a call up and the success story could start from there.

14. Authentic Jobs

Leading job portal for designers, developers and creative writers. Get full time, part time or remote offer from Authentic Jobs. Use the filters like remote, skills, location to filter for the ideal job.

Major brands like HP, BMG, FACEBOOK, SONY and others do post offers here.

15. WPHired

Gig for WordPress developers. Work as remote developer, intern or full time based on your interest and skills.