Business ideas that best fit the working nature of a developer. Goals are that you might want to quit the main job to be your own boss or run a sideway business alongside developmental tasks.

Below is a listed idea to be easily taken and executed within the shortest time frame for software engineers and tech entrepreneurs.

Making a steady revenue ranging from traditional 24/7 jobs, brick-and-mortar business, and of course, through the internet which we are going to focus on for now is key to financial freedom.

Through the worldwide web, many shops are online for convenience’s sake. With the current world population numbering 7.7 Billion of which 56.1% have internet access and 81% of the developed world.

A clear indication that any presence on the web as a business person will surely yield the expected results.

How to easily start an online business:

  1. Identify a problem and start the solution
  2. Get well and simplified website for the business
  3. Keep interacting and building a customer base with email marketing
  4. Be dynamic and accept new changes
  5. Keep focus and never look back. Looking back is more likely to discourage you

With these in mind, let’s take a look at some ideas you can jump in.

1. E-commerce.

One of the booming industries across the globe is e-commerce and setting up is easy.

You could start e-commerce by selling on Amazon, Ali-Express, Ali Baba, ShoeClues, Flipkart, or Paytm.

Secondly, you can also set up e-commerce with a grown-up. But this way you are responsible for inventory, site maintenance, and a whole lot.

Likewise, if the above seems complicated, then you can make use of Sellfy which would help you set everything up so easily and fast.

Sellfy is a platform for everyone to easily set up an online store/e-commerce and start selling.

Into audio files selling or digital products, you are still covered with Sellfy as it makes it so easy and simplified to start selling digital products like audio files, e-books for download, and so on.

2. Web developer.

With businesses trying to have websites and dozens of businesses already online and need administering, it is clear that the job of a web developer will forever be in high demand.

Fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript path the way to be a developer and to take things to next level, learning frameworks, and additional languages will be of great help in developing complicated and enterprise applications.

A web developer can easily start a unilateral digital business purposely for developing websites and mobile apps for companies and offering related tasks.

You can also be a full-time freelancer and work on projects as a remote, on-sight, or contract developer.

3. Freelancing. 

As earlier on said in one post, freelancing is a booming and lucrative industry to jump into. All you need is some sort of skills or talent.

A web developer, graphics designer, content writer, video editor, lawyer, accountant, and many others.

 This is not difficult once you have the required knowledge in the subject area. check these out if you want to be a graphics designer, web developer, accountant, or video editor.

You can also find good websites for freelance jobs which will later enhance and path the way to success.

4.  Start YouTube Channel.

YouTube is another easy-going business path you can try and work hard. It is quite easy to start a YouTube channel with few resources.

In this field, you need video editing skills and consistency in uploading useful videos on YouTube.

Once you get useful content and a lot of views, then apply for the partner program of which if accepted you will start earning money through your views, advertisement, or product reviews.

Affiliate marketing and Google AdSense are some of the easy to use in monetizing YouTube blogs.

5. App developer.

With businesses all trying to have websites and apps with dozens of apps already hosted on the Google play store, Microsoft, and Apple app store is a clear fact that demand for app developers will forever keep growing.

Thus the need to be a developer and take advantage before it is too late to milk the cow.

It might look complicated but app development is now simplified with modern frameworks and tools in place.

You can start your own app development business if you have the expert knowledge to kick start.

6. Podcasting.

Fluent in speaking? Make good use of the talent through Podcasting. It is another profitable domain one can go into and make a lot of money within the shortest possible time.

Pick a subject area. Not a must to be educational but can be a comic, narration.

Usually, it is in the form of audio were people down and listen or stream live from the podcast mobile application or website.

People turn to give it a lot of attention because listening to audio files is far more enjoyable than reading from books or on the web.

This is one clear fact the podcast industry is fast growing and you can jump into it provided you are a good speaker.

7. Online Teaching.

Becoming an online teacher does not require any formal degree or certification.
Just be proficient in the core subject areas: science and mathematics, English language, Spanish, Arabic, Geography, and many more important areas.
It is mostly based on an hourly basis in terms of charges and varies due to the experience level of tutors.
But it does pay significantly and it is lucrative to venture into a part-time or full-time job.

8. Technical writer.

Possess some skills or take interest in documentation, technical content writing might be the best fit. A wide number of major tech firms rely heavily on developers for the content writing on their blogs.
Undoubtedly it drains time and energy to clearly write content in these forms for easy understanding but likewise, the payout for such roles is directly proportional to the time and energy lost.

9. Computer store.

In the current century, we found ourselves, that digital assets addiction is now a norm but can turn into a business opportunity for the smart ones.
Having a computer or general electronics store is a way of taking advantage of the digital assets addiction within societies.
It could be a brick-and-mortar store or fully online as an e-commerce-run business.

10. Game development.

Billions of dollars in terms of revenue are accounted for in the game industry annually. Statistically, apps that pull in large revenue are mostly geared toward mobile games.
Not relegating desktop games as well but comparatively when the two match together, mobile app games lead in revenue followed by desktop games.
It would be quite hard though not far from possible to build the next billion-dollar game putting something that brings a smile and joy on the face of the end-user, surely will pay off hugely if that won’t make you a billionaire but it will derive you into true financial freedom which actually speaks volumes to every individual.