Passion drives the mind to take action in achieving certain goals. Some code for fun, to teach, or earn a living.

Irrespective of the motivations that drive one into the field of programming, there are ways to benefit from the knowledge gained without much hustle as compared to other fields.

Listed below are 10 ways you can make money coding by leveraging your skills and turning them into a second stream of revenue generation or even possibly worked on as a full-time job.

1. Freelancing

As the world constantly evolved with respect to technology, the need and demands keep rising exponentially for businesses to migrate into the world wide web to have some web presence.

The need for this is directly proportional to the need for the rightful skilled personnel to help in such a move by developing business websites, mobile applications, project reviewers, designers, and all works of life that can help in the process.

In these regards working as a freelancer with the respective knowledge in offering services to clients can be one of the best decisions a developer could ever make as there is great potential in this domain.

Learn about the complete guide to freelancing and the gig economy.

2. SAAS Application

Building a SAAS (software as a service) application is an assured and risky way to make money as a developer.

Assured in the sense that, a high user base of a SAAS app means a monthly inflow of cash into your pocket. A steady flow of revenue on monthly, quarterly, or yearly bases per the pricing module of the SAAS app.

Contrary, you could be facing the worst-case scenario in life should the product fails to grab the needed attention. In short, SAAS business is lucrative but comes with high risk. Play the cards well

3. Online courses

Thousands are searching on daily bases seeking to learn programming and ever ready to pay for any tutoring service offered by an expert.

Analyze your skills and create an online course based on that. Multiple platforms are already out there and ready to embrace new content creators. Udemy, PluralSight, and Skillshare among others.

4. Plugins

A hidden business area is making plugins for WordPress or Google chrome extensions. WordPress largely depends on plugins for more functionality and demand for creative ways of solving problems using plugins keeps rising. 

Most plugins are free to use with the enterprise versions being paid for. A business module that works and still works as of now.

5. Bounty hunter

The quest in making applications vulnerable and free always calls for software testers. Organizations are investing in this aspect to fully make applications come to life.

You can easily make a reasonable amount of money by being a bounty hunter or software tester. Known platforms that actually pay well to testers include but are not limited to

6. Blog or uTube channel

Share your knowledge. Share the skills. Get compensated for the effort. Starting a blog is pretty much straightforward. A real hiccup lies in consistency and with the right mindset, the results flow naturally.

Create high-value content that serves a purpose or interest of a particular group. Ways of monetizing a tech blog could be Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, Carbon ads, and many others.

uTube channel is a noted area that works well for most tube owners. With patience, you equally could get there and start earning money through ads, paid advertisements, and product reviews.

7. Mobile apps

Develop mobile application(s) that serve a purpose and upload to Google play store and apple store. Google Admob or in-app purchases can be used as a monetization strategy.

Statistically, mobile games pulled huge revenue both from Google play store and apple store. Nonetheless, normal apps also generate huge revenue should the needed attention be given to the application in terms of functionalities such as speed, security, and user experience.

8. eBooks

It is still lucrative to sell an eBook. A significant number of people takes interest in reading books as the main source of seeking knowledge. 

Besides, with smartphones and tablets all over, it makes the process of reading ebooks so simplified.

9. Mentor

Feel you get what it takes to be a mentor? Offer the service at a price. In as much as there might not be a fixed price in this regard, value the time and effort spent and strike an amount that won’t set you in wasting time and not overburden the clients too.

10. Programming competitions

All year round, Google and other organizations give opportunities to developers to showcase their skills by organizing Hackathons. Prizes come in various ways and can range from monetary to high-tech devices or even internships and employment.

Keep an eye in developer communities like dev. for such information and partake if there is a need.