20 Social media sites that can aid SAAS conversion and business growth

Social media platforms are undoubtedly one of the strongest communicating channels in today’s generation affecting people both positively and negatively.

It is fast growing and new platforms are more likely to keep emerging till the light in this domain is dim which in anyway might not be happening soon due to digitization and the race of businesses yearning to go digital in order to catch up with the fast growing 21st century world.

With the inception of Facebook which give birth to the social media arena, there is rampant increase in user base across the globe yearly and is expected to continue on that phase than declining.

Thus, the world is digitally connected and as such, no need to have physical meetings, business transactions and other logistics. All can be don via online and through some of the social media platforms.

Through these platforms you can market a SAAS product or any kind of business, interact with people from different backgrounds, market yourself for potential employers and chance of meeting a co-founder is also in the pipeline. The order in which the various platforms are listed do not represent any meaning. All information is for educational purposes only.

1. Facebook

Clearly the largest social networking site on the face of planet earth. Facebook currently is the largest social media platform and is expected to keep the lead for a long time before it can be over taken by a competitor.

Of course, the birth of social media can always trace it root to Facebook as it is the platform that open the gate to all other media that exit today.

It is a platform for networking but it has grown beyond the primary purpose of networking. Today on Facebook you can now create a product business page, set up organization meet ups, place conference video call and advertise products using paid service which will expose the product to over million of potential customers.

Monthly active users: 2.32 billion.  


2. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the fast growing messaging platforms in the market. It was acquired by Facebook in 2014. It change the trend of messaging compared to traditional SMS messaging.

You can send messages, create and manage groups. The new feature of video status is an easy platform to showcase any products to all contacts and the best of it all, WhatsApp call.

This reduce cost to some extent comparing it to raw phone call which can really be costly particularly placing an international call.

Monthly active users: 1.5 billion.


3. Sina Weibo

A popular social platform in china with interesting trends and topics always displayed. It use features which might be familiar.

Monthly active users: 222 million.


4. Line

One of the universal messaging platforms is Line. You share and link with friends, photos, videos and text messages. Now there is Line products which can be bought and pay with any of your favorite payment methods.

Monthly active users: 200 million.



One of the most popular video communication social network is Skype which is own by Microsoft.

It gives the opportunity to place voice call, video call, conference calls, messaging and group discussions. With Skype credit, you can call any personal number around the world which further makes this platform unique and interactive.

Monthly active users: 300 million.


6. Instagram

It was launched purposely to give the opportunity to users who want to upload unique and best pictures and videos. It could be themselves, an event or a trending activity.

But it has grown and business owners, product managers and students can now advertise products, mobilize for funds or write  blog post on Instagram wall.

Monthly active users: 4000 million. 


7. Taringa

A popular social networking platform in the America’s. Taringa share post on tutorials, life hacks, arts and reviews. Launched in 2004 and it is free to download and use. It get Facebook like interface making it friendly as it might not seem all that new.

Monthly active users: 70 million.


8. Twitter

Known for it short messages called Tweets. It allows you to send short messages that carries lot of information to the world. Due to it growth in the past years, Tweeter now make it possible to do business by promoting a brand or shopping online within the platform.

Monthly active users: 350 million.

9. Tagged

A very popular and one of the largest social networking sites for relationships. It focus on dating and linking singles with partners around the globe.

With relationships as one of the core human interest, it makes Tagged and almost all dating sites fast growing.

Monthly active users: 27 million.


10. LinkedIn

Known as the professional social networking site. It is available in over 20 languages and is used worldwide. LinkedIn provides a platform for academicians, business gurus and political tycoons to collaborate and network with other classes.

It gives the opportunity to students and job seekers to display their skills and area of expertise on profile pages which is accessible to businesses and potential employers.

With LinkedIn, it is now open for advertisement which means, with some few bugs you can expose a brand to over million of viewers who can turn into potential customers.

Monthly active users: 150 million.

11. YouTube

The world largest video sharing network is YouTube. Developed by 3 former PayPal employees and later acquired by Google.

YouTube let you upload videos and share with friends for comments and interestingly, you can now make money out of it.

The effort needed is to drive more traffic to the video and apply for YouTube partner program which if approved, will be generating a residual income for you out of the videos uploaded.

It is also a platform to easily market products and solicit for funds.

Monthly active user: 2 billion. 

12. Telegram

A messaging platform just like WhatsApp but with Telegram, security is much more of a concern and users can be rest assured that, all messages and charts are highly protected.

Lot of sensitive groups do prefer Telegram than WhatsApp due to it high security and privacy policies which is indeed, worth sacrificing for.

Within the platform, you can have access to marketing groups, relationships and marriage, tutorials, counselling and a whole lot.

Monthly active users: 200 million.


13. Viber

Viber is available in over 25 languages. A messaging platform for interaction via messages, voice messages and video call. A unique and awesome feature on this platform is that, Viber users can call non Viber users via Viber out.

Monthly active users: 250 million.



It is based on discovering content and recommending to users. As a member searched diverse web pages, videos and images and give feed back in the form of rating.

Monthly active users: 25 million. 


15. The Dots

This platform help bring people in the creative industry to collaborate and connect, share ideas and create new insight in the creative industry. Main aim is to strengthen the creative industry and have a voice in the global market. 

16. Care2

An activist platform where you get to collaborate with like-minded people within an interest area. It urges people across all board to live a healthy and green life style.

Current Care2 members: 52 million.

17. SnapChat 

To check out live stories around the world, SnapChat is a better alternative. It image messaging feature makes it cool to use and friendly to first time users.

Monthly active users: 200 million.

18. Pinterest

Photo sharing website. It allows developers and designers find beautiful designs and save them for their projects.You can pick inspirations from Pinterest in terms of design to fast track an activity. 

19. Reddit

Want to know the status of a written content? submit on reddit.  It allow members to submit content or hot trending issues and get Karma feed back from other members.

You can share about ideas, politics, education, science, fiction and any legal content.

20. Flixter

For movie enthusiast. Movie funds who might want to linked up with like-minded people and share movie reviews are connected. Members are more likely to be first holders of new movies before the public.

Hope you find the above useful and an interest platform to join.