Top Skills You Should Learn

Skills development is important as it does not only empower you but increases opportunities within and outside your jurisdiction. 

Personal growth is a key development area in the life of an active and sound individual and to achieve this, skills development is a clear route to navigate into this lane.

In addition, knowledge in your local industries and environment can not go unattended and without sound skills development, one might be living in a vacuum fill with oxygen and nothing else.

In view of this and to achieve success in personal growth, business and job opportunities, knowledge of the local industries, below is an outline of twenty (20) in demand skills. HH

1. Artificial Intelligence

2. AWS Cloud Architect

3. Data Product Management

4. Groth acquisition and Strategy

5. Intel Edge A.I For IoT Developers

6. Activation And Retention Strategy

7. Product Manager

9. Intro To Machine Learning With TensorFlow

10. UX Designer

11. Front End Web Developer 

12. Data Streaming

13. Full Stack Web Developer

14. Marketing Analytics

15. Intro To Programming

16. Digital Marketing

17. Data Scientist

18. Blockchain Developer

19. Mobile Applications Developer

20. Cloud Engineer