In order to ease the process of developing large applications with node.js, developers came up with frameworks rich in configuration to easily scafold applications.

Whilst there might be many options out there, we discuse few among the best.

1. Express

Undoubtedly, express.js is one of the most popular node.js framework currently. It has a large ecosystem of developers surrounding it which emphasize that, challenges arising during development is always likely to be solved by the strong community.

Express is fast and minimalistic which makes it easy to work with.


gitHub: expressjs/express 

2. Fastify

An efficient web framework with a powerful plugin architecture. Low overhead and can be an alternative to express.


gitHub: fastify/fastify

3. Koa

Inspired by the express team, koa is a new framework targeting error handling and rapid development of api. 


gitHub: koajs/koa

4. Flicker

Fliker.js is a fast, simple and easy to work framework for Node.js.

Website: flickerstudio

gitHub:  flicker

5. Hapi

A secured and simple framework. Prettey stright forward to start with by developers as it comes with deep tutorials and resources to help coders up and running with hapi.

If you plan of developing large scale backends, think of hapi.


gitHub: hapijs/hapi