Many options come to play interms of website optimization. Some tips will be giving among these to help acheive a fruitful optinized site.

As it might seem generalized, focus is on WordPress websites but some of the  methodology could still be deployed to other ordinary websites or sites build on different content management platforms apart from WordPress.

1. Limit plugins installation

Undoubtedly, WordPress websites can’t really do without plugins coming into the scene. Regardless the need, don’t over install many plugins on your website as this might slow it down drastically.

2. Check plugin updates frequently

Broken plugins or un-updated plugins pose a major risk to websites both in security and site speed. Often chek for updates and do the needful. Broken plugins that can’t be updated should be removed followed by new version installation or ulternatives if there is the need.

3. Lazy load images or minimize image uploads

Lazy loading images is now possible with WordPress and as such, erase the burden of servers racing to load every single image upon site launch which increase load time as images are loaded when the need arise.

More over in place of lazy loading, image uploads can be minimized and file sizes reduce drastically as smaller files loads faster compared to larger files. As such, don’t flood post or pages with images and large images as well. 

4. Remove old themes and plugins

Get rid of themes and plugins that are no longer in use. Such old files might slow things down and even possibly pose a seriouse threat to the site.

5. Secure best hosting plan

When the host servers are sluggish due to poor configuration of servers or poor maintenance, your website speed reduce drastically causing more harm than good.

6. External scripts

Sometimes you might want to monitize a blog or website, want to load some fancy fonts among many which calls for external scripts installation. Such script can have a huge negative impact on a site and as such, care should be taken in that regards.

7. Regular database clean-up

Deleting unwanted files from WordPress database place a significant role in increasing site speed and reliability. Deleting old files reduce the database size, removing unwanted comments or fake comments from bots increase reliability from visitors.

Indeed, there are many ways a site can be optimized and above was some useful tips to get you up and running. Try implementing them and the results will be the testimony.

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