Skills development is important as it not only empowers you but increases opportunities within and outside your jurisdiction. 

In a pool of many skills, mastering the most needed by businesses, corporate organizations, or hiring managers to place you in a winning position over your competitors. 

Below is a list of 20 in-demand skills if mastered, can get you hired, win you a contract role, get freelance clients or help start a personal start-up business in technology, finance, and many other areas.

1. Mobile Applications Developer

2. AWS Cloud Architect

3. Cloud Engineer

4. Blockchain Developer

5. Web Developer

6. UX Designer

7. Product Manager

9. Data Scientist

10. Artificial Intelligence

11. Digital Product Designer

12. QA Engineer

13. Graphics Designer

14. Machine Learning

15. Technical Writing 

16. Software Documentation

17. API Developer

18. Email Developer

19. Web Administrator

20. Web Content Editor