The scope of getting a production ready application goes beyond that of the local development environment.

Times do come when you need to migrate, integrate, colaborate and get literature to help complete development goals and finding unique and best fit solutions can be overwhelming as there is tons of information out there.

In here I outline some content and materials developers might need along the way as remote developers, freelancers, employees, and expiring developers as well.

1. Visual Studio Code

There are lot of different code editors out there but my take and the most dorminant for now I think, is Visual Studio Code and these are the elements that fueled my decision to be in bed with VS Code.

Built-in-Git: Make commits right from your editor and reveiw staging of files among others.

Debug: Debugging is a core aspect of programming and with vs code, console logging on the broweser is now a thing of the past as there is a well integrated build in debugger for vs code.

Extensions: With the saying ‘Do not re-invent the wheels’ and as such, it would make reasonable amount of sense to use extensions during development to make life easier than doing everything from ground-up.

VS Code is heavily endowed with extensions for almost everything you might need ranging from Phython, Angular, Vue, Ionic, Flutter among many others.

Of course, opt in for your prefered code editor. The functionality of a software does not realy depend on the choice of editor. 

2. Rescue Time Tracking

A disoriented mind is on a count down to failure and most disorientation came because of poor planning.

It does not realy matter how long one stay with the computer but how long you were able to focus is the results of productivity.

In order not to get distracted with social media and unproductive platforms, using a time tracking software is one unique way to keep informed of activies running through the development manchine.

Rescue time tracker is one that could help acheive daily goals and acertain the leading journey.


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