How to create a PayPal account in Ghana using legal information. You will be able to link  PayPal to your bank account and be able to transfer funds from PayPal to your bank or vice versa. 

Go through this step by step procedures and get it done! Enjoy. 

How To Create Verified PayPal Account in Ghana.

Ghana is among the blacklisted PayPal countries and as such, using PayPal to transact whilst in Ghana will be difficult and just impossible till the ban is lifted.

You can have a PayPal account in Ghana anyway but it will be very difficult to transfer money from PayPal onto any local bank account.

This presentation details how to create a PayPal account with full Ghanaian credentials. Others work their way out with foreign information such as phone numbers and house addresses from Kenya, Togo, Benin, and the likes.

A side effect of this comes into play when transferring a large sum of funds of which PayPal needs to verify your identity such as a phone number that you do not have because the account was created in an unapproved way.

Don’t be a victim of such situations and learn how to do it the right way using ideal legal information in Ghana.

The rationale behind this technique is that you can be a Kenyan living in Ghana and would want to continue using PayPal account which was created back in Kenya and you are allowed to do so as such, instead of using to sign up, we would use which is the URL for Paypal Kenya and after that, you fill in all required spaces. That is all! Let’s get started.

Select Lesotho in the country dropdown menu. This might skip you from all verification processes and straight to your new PayPal account.

What you will need to proceed:

  1. Voter’s ID number
  2. Legal name
  3. Genuine phone number
  4. Residential/house address
  5. Date of Birth
  6. Town/Region
  7. UBA Africard or a Debit card from Access Bank, GT-Bank, etc.

Don’t worry about not having the card yet. It can always be linked up later after the account creation.

Now let’s get to work and I hope you find it useful.

First, navigate over here and click on Sign Up at the top right corner as shown below.

Next select the account type you want. As you can see there are two types of accounts: personal and business. For the purpose of this tutorials I will be using business account.

That way you will have more flexibility when starting any business or found of receiving huge sum of monies through your account. So go ahead and select business account and click continue.

Now enter your real email address and click next

Fill in your credentials and click ‘Agree and continue’ as shown below. Not having a business? Put any reasonable sentence or word inside business name field and continue filling. It can always be changed latter. 

Now to the business type. Select sole proprietorship and select any of the categories. Provide business website if it is available. Else live it blank.

 As to which country your business was formed, leave it and proceed. Ghana is not among the listed countries. So leave it and click continue.  

It is time to fill in the right credentials. Do so by filling in the legal credentials in your possession. Select national ID type and provide the number. 

It could be National Passport, Voter’s ID, Driver’s license or National ID. For simplicity choose Voter’s ID and provide the number. 

Then, Date of Birth. Check in the ‘box’ home address as business address. Now proceed and click the ‘Submit’ button! 

Finally, if you can see ‘Thanks for signing up’  setup payments, then you have successfully created a fully fledge PayPal account ready to be used and linked to your bank account.

Linking UBA Africard pre-paid account as well as a bank account.

Note that a pre-paid bank account is different from traditional bank account. Let link both in case you are not able to withdraw from PayPal to the pre-paid account, but you should be able to withdraw from PayPal to the bank account direct.

First with the pre-paid card. Am using UBA Africard. Get yours at any UBA branch, or go to access bank, GT-Bank, ECOBANK and any other well established bank in the country for pre-paid account and bank account if you want.

Before that, verify the PayPal account. It can be don in two ways. Go to Gmail account: The one used in the PayPal account creation.

There will be a message from PayPal. Open it and click confirm button in the message. This will redirect to the PayPal home page. Provide the log in details and click ‘Log in’

Secondly, right after the account creation, click ‘Set up payment’ as seen in the last but second picture above.

When inside your account, click on the ‘gear’ icon and tap on ”confirm email address to confirm.

After clicking you will be log out. Log in by providing the right details used.

Link Debit Card To PayPal Account

Log into PayPal account and click on the gear icon on the top right corner to go to ‘My Profile’ page. When in my profile page click on ‘My Payments’ to navigate to the payment option page. 

In here you can see ‘Banks’ and ‘Cards’ Under cards tap on ‘Link a new card’ and provide pre-paid card information as seen below. 

After providing the information click ‘Link Card’ and you are done linking UBA Africard.

How to link bank account to PayPal

Remember I said earlier on that UBA AFricard or pre-paid card is different from bank account. 

Sometimes upon linking the pre-paid card to PayPal you might not be able to transfer funds from PayPal onto the pre-paid card/account. 

They will request to link bank account and that is what we want to do. To have both cards linked up and transferring will always be easier for you in any situation.


  1. Follow exact same procedure used when linking the pre-paid card
  2. Provide card details when dialogue box appear but this time round, bank card information instead of pre-paid card. Look at the visa/master card provided to you by the issuing bank and input the information
  3. After providing the information, PayPal will need to verify the bank account and as such, you will be prompted to click a button that reads ‘Get a code‘ 
  4. Before clicking on it, make sure your bank account is having at least, not less than $5. This is because the moment you click ‘get code’, PayPal will deduct an amount of $1.95 from the account and send you a code via email used in the PayPal account creation.
  5. Use the code and get back to the PayPal account and enter it in the space provided.
  6. Upon successful verification, the $1.95 deducted by PayPal will be reimbursed into your bank account.

NOTE: At the time of writing this it was $1.95 always deducted by PayPal and reimbursed upon successful verification. 


That is it. You have successfully created a verified PayPal account with real identity and linked it up with both pre-paid and bank accounts.