The most trusted and reliable way to make money online is blogging, freelancing and affiliate marketing

My cherish blog readers have been able to make reasonable amount of money by doing online jobs and the most lucrative and high paying turn to be blogging, freelancing and affiliate marketing from their responses.

Best Paying Online Jobs

1. Blogging: 

The most lucrative and easy to do online job with a minimal effort is blogging. For every student, full time worker and housewife, I recommend this job and it is easy to get started. It was in the 90’s and 2000’s that website design used to be complicated but no longer the case in this 21st century.

It simple means that getting your website/blog online is supper easy even if you have zero knowledge in programming.

Follow this simple steps and get your blog online:

1. Develop your blog using WordPress (complete procedures here)

2. Choose a niche: Your interest area and write on it. It could be the subject you know, daily life, tourism, football, culture among others. Just write on your interest area

3. Drive traffic to the blog by using forums and social media.

4. Monetize your blog and make money

You can earn from $300 – $7,000 from your blog in a month. Can go more than $7,000 depending on your traffic.

2. Ads clicking and survey sites.

Online surveys and ads clicking are are easy to do and can usually be rewarding if you put in a little effort but that can’t make you rich as compare to blogging, freelancing and affiliate marketing.

It’s not get rich by night but pays off with consistency. Below list comprises good and legit websites with these jobs.

1. Neubox.

Neubox gives you the opportunity to earn simply by clicking on advertisement. Though you can refer, the good thing about neubox is that, you get ads to click every day and your earnings with respect to the clicks is constant. It has proven to be one of the best PPC sites over the years.

Once on neubox account, click on ‘view advertisement’ then click on ad and tap on the red dot to bring up the ad. You can join neubox here!

There are lot of ways you can earn aside the ad clicking.

2. Paid To Read Email.

Sign up and get $3 bonus? How does it sound. With paid-to-read-email as the name rightly suggest, you are giving daily mails on your inbox to read and get paid. The rational is that, some authors wants traffic for their content and as such, you help do the job and get paid.

Paid To Read Email is one of the best because you receive daily emails, $3 bonus upon sign up, low $15 payout rate, lot of surveys to take and earn and above all, payment is always process fast the moment you reach payout limit. Sign up and earn your $3 bonus!   

3. Unique Rewards.

Get $5 signup bonus. Read daily emails and get paid. Surveys and ads clicking. Join unique rewards and do what you love doing whiles getting paid. Once on unique rewards navigate to ‘my account’ and you will see not less than 6 ads for you to click among many offers. Click earnings  ranges from $0.7 – $5.

Survey earnings ranges from $0.5 – $20 and above. Join unique rewards.

4. Points2shop.

Join over 4 million members on points2shop and have fun whilst earning.

The above list is constantly updated to help readers get the best out of surveys and ads clicking.

5. Clixksense.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best pay to click websites out there with lot of recommendations from the public. With hard work and consistency, you are more likely to cash out over $200 every month.

You can also win daily prizes up to $10 with divers ways to still earn from. Join Clixksense now and make a change in your financial situation.

If you will want to take this to the next level, then I invite you onto blogging, freelancing and affiliate marketing.