ionic framework

ionic complete setup

Successfull apps begins with the right development environment and required set up tools. This guide shows how to get started with ionic framework for mobile development. 

convert website into an app

Any fully responsive website can be converted into an app with any of the popular tools and frameworks available. Ionic is one among many options that makes this process supper easy.

ionic firebase communication

Firebase as a noSQL cloud database, aid developers quickly develop and lunch applications without worrying much about the backend. Learn how to connect ionic application to firebase.

How to run ionic on emulator

Sometimes it is good to test an app on real device. Android studio emulator is an option as it functions just like any other normal device. See how to successfully run ionic app on an emulator

minsdkversion can not be smaller

The error: minSdkVersion 19 can not be smaller than version 22 does occure during build process. Quite a number of work arounds, but the surest way is to update cordova-android