How to stay motivated


Feeling overwhelmed with life and just can’t move on? Sometimes it can be depressing trying to progress but the feeling of hopelessness particularly in software development when things seem to be going the other way round than expected.

How to stay motivated as a web developer or software development in general is a crucial craft that needs to be mastered with the ultimate priority.

key points outline bellow to help solve this menace.

1. Handle issues with urgency

When starting programming, it could be for many reasons leading to the decision of becoming a developer but let there be a unique reason or motive you wish to accomplish once a developer.

Would you like to see your mum suffering because you can’t pay the hospital bills, are you content with your current leaving conditions, the school your wards are attending, wife and family needs among others?

Let there be a source of urgency as to why you seek to acheive the task at hand and with this in mind, once there is zero focus or hoplessness in the programming journey, you will quickly be organized and get to work.

2. Confidence

The only person that needs to encourage, motivate and convince you to be a winner, is you. Motivational speakers might sing for hours but with lack of self confidence everything falls apart right after the convo.

Depressions set in when we feel we are not able, not possession that IQ or seeing others as supper beings than ourselves.

As an aspiring programmer with such variations, things can easily fall apart paving the way for further depression.

A depression you seek for oneself if I may say.

3. Timeline

Particularly for self thought and solo developers. A clear outline detailing the journey from the beginning to the end helps alot in varying ways. 

Lack of timeline leads to abandoning projects, uncompleted tutorials and research work. Been able to work with a personal timeline is a milestone in the journey as it models you to be time conscious and well discipline.

Absence of timeline leads to half way done projects giving self impression of not best fit for the task and finaly droping all curtains down with a stamped mental certificate of attempted programmer.

4. Positive habit

Make it a point to study intensively with full concentration for at least, 30 minutes every day. Be it JavaScript, Python, Angular, Vue what ever the interest might be. Make it a habit to learn at least 30 minute uninterrupted every day for a week onwards and the zeal to continue pops up from nowhere leading to great achievement.

It works as magic for most of the populace and I believe strongly you won’t be an exception.

5. Stay off social media

The heart say no way! I guess. Social media is one of the killer of time in this generation. Statistically people spend much time on these platforms than learning to program.

An easy way to monitor and keep track of daily activities on the laptop or study computer is to use a time tracking tool.

One I could recommend among many is TimeTracker and with such a tool, you get clear idea if indeed there is progress in development or you are an ambassador of social media. 

Above was based on experience and I think implementing any could yield positive results.