Landing pages, how to market affiliate products and sell fast.

A landing page is a simple, stylish and informative about a unique product(s) with minimal external links and deep linking.

It gives clear description of a product with bold and nice labels indicating add to cart, purchase, download, try and many others.

Landing pages are websites but, all information ends on the first page as the main purpose is to give a brief and concise description of a product, event, or service.

How to advertise affiliate links(products) with landing pages.

Posting affiliate links on groups and forums can easily get you ban. The best way is to have a landing page for the product, then embed the links on the landing page.

Post the link of the landing page in forums and groups, whilst the product link itself reside in the landing page as ‘buy now’ ‘purchase’ ‘try’ and so forth.

Affiliate links are mostly seen by Google search engine as illegal links due to their long and scrappy nature. Thus the main reason why forums and blog post hardly accept affiliate links as it will reduce their rank in Google search engine.

Follow the technique below and get through this process with ease.

  1. Apply for products and get your affiliate links
  2. Develop a landing page for the product
  3. Give the option for people to buy this product or download if it is electronic material, then embed the affiliate links in these buy, download or purchase button
  4. Now use your landing page link and post on forums, blog post and social media group with brief description of what the page is about.

NOTE: if you already have a blog or website, you can dedicate a page for this and briefly describe the product over there, then embed the affiliate link.

The process of developing a blog is the same process to develop a landing page for any product(s).

The only difference is the blog having lot of pages and menus whilst the landing page might just have a single page.

Landing pages definitely must be beautiful. You don’t need to worry about this. Right after getting the website done, there are lot of beautiful and carefully design themes by ASTRA THEMES which you can always download and use for free.