Exit tutorials Hell


It is undeniable fact that, every developer was once at least, a student for some time. Student in bootcamp, student at self learning, a workshop or in formal education.

Such circumstances are needed in order to metamorphosed into the programmer you desire to be. This is good as human development and capacity building is key to the survival of every individual.

But chances are that instead of progressing in that regards, you rather retrogressing without any clear sense of direction because you got lost in a pool of endless tutorials that one thinks everything must be watched from A-Z before standing atop of the game.

Not really. in as much as resources are needed to build up, great percentage and effort should not be waisted there.

Tentatively, tutorilas generally gives a false pretense and false sense of humour to the developer of being a programmer.

Generally this got manifested when a project is been presented to work on from scratch: right from logic to algorithms design, prototyping and finally coding. 

Tutorials indeed is needed to build up but, take the courage to start building on projects on your own.

Below is some factores that causes tutorials loop and few points that could help make you a better programmer and exit the hell out of tutorials.

Causes of Tutorials Hell

1. Must Know All

With dozens of learning materials available via uTube, blog posts, google search and the likes, it’s a clear indication one can not finsih up everything on any particular domain.

Focus on an aspect, get the bases and move on

2. Lack of Confidence

Lack of confidence is a killler of human progress. One thing that needs to be build on your own is confidence. As to how it is don at the individual level is an anotation of ones desire to move beyond the boundaries and reach higher hights.

Build the zeal and belive it can be don and start on prjocts that seem beyond reach.

3. Multitasking

Trying to learn many languages at a goal? Burn out is the final destination for the flight and luckily, you are the captain and can go around.

Go around and drop some of the languages to focus on 1 or at least, not many. 

When multitasking, the mind is divided into so many folds and productivity is likely to reduce drastically leading to low yeilds interms of the studies or learning.

Everyday it gives the impression to cover more on this, and on that which keeps you in an endless loop.

I strongly belive that with a firm understanding of a single language, it can path the way to grab almost any other language faster and easier. It works for me.

How to exit and get the hell out of tutorials loop.

1. Projects

Build at least, one good project from scratch. Don’t rely on projects from tutorials as your own. It gives false pretense and when presented with a real world scenario, you will get lost.

Build an application from ground up. Free to research though but build it from scratched with intensive research.

The confidence build after completing this project is natural and comes by default pathing the way for greater things you thought were magic and could only be acheived by programmers from another world.

No. It is not.

2. Get the fundamentals

Don’t under estimate the fundamentals pf programming. It build the core foundation to quickly grab any concept faster and ease.

Complex scenarios gets demystified when you actually work on it holistically. If you put your mind there, it will be done.

3. Just believe

Having the accession it can happen is over 30% job done. Believe the process and trust the tools. It will be done unless the word internet no longer exist.

Take the project. Do the research. It feels good than you could ever expect.