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Think of reaching your clients with concise invoices? Keep track of project hours and get paid easily? Need to take your business to the next level?
FreshBooks get you covered.

With lot of accounting software’s been introduce on daily basics, the ultimate decision as to which to use turn to be a major challenge and as such, one might end up falling for the wrong product due to lack of knowledge.

Upon this regards am giving you a clear overview as to what FreshBooks is and why you should be part of the winning team.

But come to think of it. Upon all the accounting software’s out there do you really think all can perform up to clients expectations? Certainly no.

Some will perform wonderfully and others, so poor. It is therefor incumbent on you to cross check and make vital analysis when taking certain steps in your business growth.

Business owners, freelancers, legal practitioners, home workers all need to make vital decision in these areas to boost productivity. 

Am about to show you the one product that would save you time and money whiles boosting your business for you. 

FreshBooks is a web-based accounting software for freelancers, small and medium size businesses. It renders services for legal practitioners, consulting firms, freelancers, project managers and business personals.

It is one of the best accounting software’s you could find and think of globally. Highly talk of by many with true and pure happiness after using it.

In addition, it is one of the single products that gives you the flexibility to try it for 30 good days in order to access it for yourself and I assure you, that you are more likely to upgrade after the free one month period because good things speak for themselves.


One core factor to consider when choosing a product is the user base. A product with large user base like FreshBooks is a clear testimony that such a product is indeed, performing up to expectations.  

fall in love with some features

Team time tracking

Everything is now digital. Therefor the need to migrate from paper timesheets to FreshBooks and keep your team organized.

Chrome extension

You can now track time from inside popular apps like Asana and Trello with the click of a button. Thanks to chrome web browser extension.

Trial balance

To ensure there are no missing transactions and that debit = credits, FreshBooks gives you a list of the balances for each general ledger account.

Send from anywhere

With FreshBooks mobile app, you can create and email an estimate without any difficulties. It is totally user and newbie friendly.

File sharing

Sharing documents with team members can be frustrating. No longer the case with FreshBooks: Upload files to project and everything will be accessible.


Give your clients that marvelous look and feel by letting them approve and sign proposals online.

I therefor invite you to give FreshBooks a trial and you surly will have a positive feedback upon using it.

Don’t wait. Start using FreshBooks today alongside any other software you might already have and see the difference withing days.

You might also want to check out FreshBooks Invoice Template from here.

Using the right tools for your business will give much time to concentrate on key issues other than wasting precious time on different subject. And of course as discussed earlier atop of this post, FreshBooks is known in the system for over decays and as such, no need to worry for customer support and software reliability.

Start your free trial and let me know of your experience. 

Be part of the wining team!


Puffy Lux