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Node Rest API frameworks

NODE REST API FRAMEWORKS Node.Js api design and development could be less tricky with the help of restful api frameworks. In a pool of frameworks, we list some of the best bellow. 1. Nest.js Website: gitHub: nestjs/nest   2. LoopBack Website: gitHub: strongloop/loopback  3. Ivy gitHub: ivyjs/framework 4. Fortune.js Website: gitHub: fortunejs/fortune 5. Moleculer Website: gitHub: moleculerjs/moleculer 6. Feathers Website: …

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NodeJs Libraries

30 useful node.js libraries Libraries that can aid NodeJs development For real time communication Cors Express middleware for enabling connection Passport Authentication middleware for nodeJs Nodemailer NodeJs module for sending emails Lodas Utility for solving common programming task Cheerio Removing DOM inconsistencies Multer For Handling multipart/form-data Axios Promise based http client for the browser …

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MVC Frameworks

NODE.JS MVC FRAMEWORKS In order to ease the process of developing large applications with node.js, developers came up with frameworks rich in configuration to easily scafold applications. Whilst there might be many options out there, we discuse few among the best. 1. Express Undoubtedly, express.js is one of the most popular node.js framework currently. It …

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