Angular mobile web development

Best Practices

ANGULAR BEST PRACTICES Code ethics is important as it defines clearly, a procedure to follow during development. This ensures code maintainability avoiding confusions between current developers and coders who might attempt updating such a code base at a later age. There is no absolute universal guidelines pertaining to this and as such, procedures differ and …

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UI Component Libraries

ANGULAR UI COMPONENT LIBRARIES Design and develop scalable user interfaces using some of the best and morden angular ui libraries that are minimalistic in nature. 1. Angular material Material design component for angular. High quality componets coupled with rich guide to get started. 2. PrimeNG A comprehensive component library for building angular apps. High performance …

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Debug NG Add Failed

NG ADD FAILED ng commands on visual studio code gives bellow error: When visual studio code powershell does not recognize ng commands, it needs to be configured or change from powershell to cmd. Change from powershell to cmd Inside vs code terminal, at the top right hand coner, tab on powershell for a dropdown and …

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