Google AdSense

Google AdSense Complete Guid.

Guess you might have been hearing of Google AdSense and Admob without really knowing what it entails.

Today I will show you everything you need to know about AdSense and Admob from scratch to expert level.

People do blog for different reasons. Maybe just for passion, educational purposes and of course, for profit.

Whether you are blogging out of passion, for education but with the mind of making profit out of it, then AdSense is for you.

Certainly there are quite a number of ways to monetize a website/blog and AdSense is one option and proven positively over the years.

What is Google AdSense.

It is a program launch and operated by Google to give opportunity to site owners to earn money from their online content.

Site owners lease a space to Google to run advertisement and in return, get paid from the money raised by Google through advertisers who want to promote their products.

Google AdSense was launch in March 2003.

Why AdSense.

Among other competitors, AdSense is the best so far for a number of reasons:

  1. It is free and simple to join
  2. Ads are carefully rendered and as such, do not distruct user experience
  3. You are assured of a residual income every month
  4. Once approved, you can reuse same AdSense code on multiple legit websites
  5. People made great fortune with AdSense

Before I proceed, know that AdSense and Admob are different but creating AdSense account automatically create Admob account for you and vise-versa.

Those who might want to monetize their mobile applications do so by Admob and for the website owners through AdSense.

How to create AdSense acount.

You shoud have a Gmail account and a website or blog.

Log on to AdSense and create an account. The url might change at the time of reading this.

When that happens just launch your browser and type Adsense login to be taken to the home page.

  1. Click on ‘SIGN UP NOW’ on the homepage
  2. Fill in the required fields: provide site url and email address
  3. Provide other basic necessary information
  4. Accept terms and conditions and sign up
  5. Now check Gmail for a confirmation message
  6. Inside the email will be AdSense code to be embedded onto the website or blog used for the AdSense creation
  7. The code is placed between the opening and closing of the ‘head’ tags: This will allow Google to run adds on the website/blog should it be approved.
How to place AdSense code.
Once account is created, AdSense code need to be embedded on the website before you can be approved for Ads to start showing on the site.
Log onto AdSense account and provide site url, then copy script code as shown below.

Straight forward from the dashboard.

Until account is approved, all earnings will be displaying zero. 

Set up payment once approved.

Inside AdSense dashboard look at the left side-bar for ‘Payment’ and click on it. Payment method button will be activated after reaching threshold of $100.

How to prevent AdSense rejection.

Mostly people are rejected but that does not mean it is over. You can always re-apply till you get accepted.

But what can you do to prevent rejection in the first place. When they reject, reasons for the rejection are included in the email.

  1.  Make sure you have enough content on the website/blog
  2. Let the site navigation be clear for visitors. A site with difficult navigation is likely to be rejected
  3. Avoid plagiarism. Directly copying from different sites and blogs for yours will get you rejected within no time.
  4. Create your own content devoid of pornography and illicit language.
  5. Give the site a nice interface. This is very important as bad user interface can easily turn away visitors to the site.

That is it! You are on your way to earn big from this wonderful program using the already website or blog you created. Don’t have a blog yet?

Check the detail step by step guide on how to develop a blog from scratch. No technical knowledge is required.