Adsense Alternatives

Google AdSense Alternatives to Join And Monetize Your Blog or Website

Content writers, bloggers, site and business owners turn to monetize their websites and blogs to add another source of revenue to the business and the number one and mostly run after monetization platform for most is Google AdSense.

Unfortunately, it is really hard to get approval from AdSense due to their strict rules and policies. In order to prevent AdSense rejection, check the post on Google AdSense and get to know the clear road map towards AdSense approval.

Nevertheless, AdSense is not the only platform to use in site monetization. Of course, there are lot of platforms that works exactly like AdSense and easily approves sites and blogs.

Among these platforms few proves to work perfectly with lot of positive review from the public and content creators.

In here you will be shown 3 most active and promising platforms to join and start earning with your website.

1. Infolinks

Infolinks is a great Ad network to join and easy to set up once approved. To earn good income from infolinks, you need to have good search engine optimization and good traffic.

Infolinks payment options

  1. Bank transfers: $25
  2. PayPal: U.S $1. Outside U.S. Up to $10
  3. Western Union: $15
  4. Payoneer: No charges

Get a Payoneer account and save yourself from unnecessary transfer charges.

2. PopAds

PopAds is an Ads network for small publishers. They have no minimum traffic requirement and as such, sites easily get approved.

Minimum withdrawal is $5 which is easily achieved with high CPM rates. Payment option is PayPal and Payoneer only.

3. ReneueHits

Unlike other Ads networks, revenuhits is quite different. You are not paid for clicks or impressions but only when a click is turn into an action.

If an advertiser needs an information or users to try a new product by signing, then he advertise through revenuehits.

Payment ranges from $10 – $50 per a single action. Minimum withdrawal is $50. Payment option is through Bank transfer, PayPal and Payoneer.